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I Dream of Doors – Tech Task #6

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Here is a short video a few classmates and I created. For the project, we were asked to create a short 1-3 min. video which centered around creating suspense using a scene that included a door with only one actress/actor. The four of us first started to think about how we could create suspense… what camera angles we should use, different audio effects,  etc. We then considered what experiences we have encountered with a door that could offer a good storyline to base this project on, such as someone stalking you and you can’t find the right key, being on the other side of a locked door with no key, someone chasing you and not being able to open the door properly, etc.

We used a Flip video camera to record the video and iMovie for the video editing.

Here is what we came up with. Hope you like it. Let me know what you thought about it and if we were successful in creating suspense.



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