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My journey from student to teacher…

About Me

A little about myself…

I am currently enrolled in the K-5 Elementary Education After Degree Program at the University of Regina and am completing my last year of studies. I recently finished my Internship at St. Matthew School in a Grade 1 classroom. I am originally from McLean, SK, a small rural town located 20 min. east of Regina. I graduated from Indian Head High School in 2003. Upon finishing high school, I studied at Mount Royal College in Calgary, AB where I completed my first degree in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership. Once I had my Bachelor’s Degree, I traveled to Cairo, Egypt where I taught kindergarten for 2 years, and P.E. for one year. This experience overseas lead to my interest in teaching children which brought me back to Canada, where I am currently studying.

Technology in my Life…

I do have some experience with technology which mainly includes my personal computer, digital camera, and video recording. On my computer I am most familiar with Microsoft Office and the Internet. I have also created videos for past projects in university, all of which I used different programs when editing these videos. I enjoy exploring on the Internet and spend most of my time when on the computer “Googling” different interests or topics of research. I enjoy learning about and exploring new programs and how they can be implemented and used in a classroom when educating young children.

Computing Technology in the K-12 Classroom

I feel technology can be used in the classroom to enhance student learning in many different ways. Technology can be used to provide many different perspectives when learning about a new topic of interest and could potentially spark interest in those students who were not interested in such topics before. There are of course many things to consider and be aware of when introducing certain technologies before they are brought into the classroom.

Computers in Education – My Expectations for ECMP 355

Throughout this course, ECMP 355 – Computers in Education, I hope to learn about new innovative ways to enhance student learning through the use of technologies in the classroom. Things such as exploring different ways to involve students in their own learning through the use of technologies and also gain experience with unique ways students can show learning through different media rather than the traditional print assignments.


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