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Children who are Gifted

This article, Best Practices for Identifying Gifted Students explains how important it is for gifted students to be identified and supported so that their gifts in specific domains will be developed into talents. The article also stresses the importance of early identification of students from low socio-economic status and those with disabilities. They suggest early identification is especially important to the development of gifts into talents.

Gifted Education – A Resource for Teachers (BC Ministry of Education)

Child Genius

This short Youtube video shows how important it is for educators to allow for children to go above and beyond and not limit but recognize a child’s creativity.

Child Prodigy Explains Mysteries of the the Universe

This short Youtube video shows a nine year old boy genius who has shocked scientists with his findings in astronomy and shows how a certain interest or gift can be developed into a talent.

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Saying No To Bullies

In a recent university class, we were having a group discussion about racism and bullying in schools. The teacher asked all students who encountered or witnessed some form of bullying during their internship to raise their hand. In a class of around 30-40 students, almost all raised their hand. Bullying is an ongoing battle with occurrences happening in our school, at home, and in the community. It is our responsibility as teachers to help fight back against bullying and teach our students the skills needed to stand up against bully’s and say NO to bullying. Perhaps the individual being bullied may not have the courage or skills needed to stand up for themselves, we need to also teach all the bystanders to step up and support those being bullied. Read this article, Saying No To Bullies for an example of what teachers can do in their classrooms to stand up against bullying.

A college of mine, Ms.Volk, recently posted a great Youtube video: Anti-Bullying Flashmob an inspirational example of the power students hold and the change they can bring!

For more informational about International Stand Up To Bullying Day check out their website. They also have great resources for teachers and information about how they can raise awareness about these issues.

Bullying Information Center is also a great resource to learn more about bullying.

Also, literature can be used to have discussions with students about bullying.

Title:            Stop picking on me: A first look at bullying
Author:         Thomas, Pat
Illustrator:         Harker, Lesley
Year of Publication:     2000
Publisher:        Hauppauge, NY : Barron’s Educational Series
Genre:            Informational, Realistic Fiction
Awards Received:
Theme Covered:    This book discusses many topics surrounding bullying, such as describing characteristics of bullies, reasons why someone may choose to bully, and how a person could feel if they are being bullied in kid friendly language. If also offers strategies on ways to interact and deal with a bully if you or someone you know is being bullied. This informational book offers a kid friendly storyline and interactive questions for the audience to facilitate a group discussion while reading the story. There are also suggestions for parents, teachers, and schools in preventing and handling bullying situations in the back of the book (page 28,29).

Title:             Bullying: Deal with it before push comes to shove
Author:         Slavens, Elaine
Illustrator:        Kerrigan, Brooke
Year of Publication:    2003
Publisher:        Toronto, ON : James Lorimer & Company Ltd
Genre:            Informational
Awards Received:
Theme Covered:         This graphic picture book provides insightful information and strategies children can take when faced with bullying including what to do if they’re a target, a bully, or a witness. As students learn about the many forms of bullying: direct, indirect, sexual, and racial, through inviting colourful comic strips, they also read about real-life stories of bullying. Question and answer, myths and facts, “Do’s and Don’ts”, and quizzes all facilitate interaction with the book and also can be used in a classroom setting to facilitate discussion among students. The back of the book offers additional Canadian resources such as helplines and organizations, web sites, books, and videos.


Ten Mindful Ways to Use Social Media

Ten Mindful Ways to Use Social Media

Since I am new to the social media world and do not use it regularly in my life, I feel this article gives good insights on how to use social media in a responsible way.

I especially like point #5: Experience now, share later. Lori Deschene, author of this article, points out how important it is to not be caught up in the sharing of a particular moment, but take the time to enjoy the moment for what it is!

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I Dream of Doors – Tech Task #6

Here is a short video a few classmates and I created. For the project, we were asked to create a short 1-3 min. video which centered around creating suspense using a scene that included a door with only one actress/actor. The four of us first started to think about how we could create suspense… what camera angles we should use, different audio effects,  etc. We then considered what experiences we have encountered with a door that could offer a good storyline to base this project on, such as someone stalking you and you can’t find the right key, being on the other side of a locked door with no key, someone chasing you and not being able to open the door properly, etc.

We used a Flip video camera to record the video and iMovie for the video editing.

Here is what we came up with. Hope you like it. Let me know what you thought about it and if we were successful in creating suspense.


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A Slide and a Message… Tech Task #4

I am so proud of all the Egyptian people who stood up for what they believed in and for doing so in such a positive non violent way. I think we can all learn a little bit about team work and collaboration when looking at the Egyptian Revolution and what the people of Egypt overcame. Congratulations to every Egyptian and I hope all is well for you and your families in the coming years!