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Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

I believe the teacher’s role in the classroom is to be a role model and a coach. The teacher guides students on their path to learning and provides meaningful activities to further their knowledge and understanding. They are there every step of the way to encourage and help the student grow and develop as  a person and learner.


I believe the classroom environment should be caring, respectful, structured, fun, and conducive to learning for all students. Every child should feel safe and a part of the community of learners, playing a role, and being involved in the learning of all students in the classroom.


I believe every child learns differently, so it is up to the teacher to build upon the strengths of every child and be flexible and adaptive so all children succeed. Learning activities should be relevant and meaningful for all students.


I believe technology has a place in the classroom. Students need to learn the skills to be successful in using technology. Technology should also be used when appropriate to enhance learning.


I believe every child brings knowledge into the classroom and it is up to the teacher to understand, learn about, and build upon that knowledge.


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